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A leaseback in real estate is exactly what it sounds like: an owner sells their property and then stays in it while leasing it back from the new owner. Once popular only in Europe, Americans are also finding this option appealing. A lot of homeowners have considered the leaseback option as an alternative to taking out a line of credit with monthly payments.

This process can reward both the investor and the seller in the arrangement. The party purchasing in the leaseback takes on all the risk, however, and has to do their research before agreeing to such an arrangement. If the homeonwer is in more financial crisis then they admit to, and either the courts or the IRS become involved, the buyer is likely to lose everything he invested in the leaseback.

A homeowner could be in need of some immediate money to pay off debts, and in such a circumstance a leaseback would be beneficial. Not only will he get a significant incursion of available money, but he will also get to remain in his house. If the homeowner shows interest in purchasing their home back at the close of the leaseback agreement, many investors will consider including that option in the contract. The leaseback arrangement is only advantageous to sellers who have not taken out a second mortgage on their property. The seller seldom has much money left from a leaseback sale after paying off a double mortgage.

Buyers who do not want to live in a property but have an interest in real estate investments are the ones who should consider leaseback agreements. Homeowners interested in leaseback agreements are generally selling their houses below market worth, and investors will also benefit by earning income from the rent and in their taxes. The investor also benefits by having control over the leaseback home; after satisfying the initial arrangement with the previous owner, it is his to do with as he pleases.

It seems obvious that both the owner and investor to a leaseback can gain in some significant way. For homeowners who are in need of money right away, the rewards of a leaseback are obvious. The rewards for the investor are even greater, but she must make sure that her initial investment is a safe one.

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Homeowner Information: Leasebacks

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This article was published on 2010/12/31