Oil Revenue Is Not Falling Rate 200 Musical Styles Encountered Complaints From Owners Of The

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Had a few friends show the unfortunate owners of China: the world's most expensive house to live, to take the lowest wages in the world, opening the world's most expensive car, plus the world's most expensive oil! Related Reading: Shaoxing tide main complaint 4S vehicle maintenance shop there "trick Industry Watch: Auto hidden defects up 15% of complaints

High oil prices and the world in pursuit of low carbon today, Fuel consumption Level of owners who no doubt stimulate sensitive nerve. Recently, many car owners for their own special love to drink oil and worries, as the issue not yet resolved, the owner who in addition to "crazy" to flock to our complaints, but also spontaneously established QQ Rights group, the collective power of hope to find a solution.

"crazy" collective complaints 2010 4 6, we received a "universal style of music does not slow down and the engine oil consumption greatly increased oil revenues," the complaint. April 12, such complaints, clearly warming up to 18 evening 22:30, in just a week time, we only accept the 92 similar complaints, net of two repeated complaints, the average daily volume of complaints in recent 13, the highest amount of a single brand of automobile complaints daily volume record of complaints. To May 11, the collective complaints has more than 200 owners.

Is worth mentioning that the complaint covers 21 provinces nationwide, accounting for most areas of China, therefore, this music style engine oil is not falling rate of complaints received, in addition to the rapid growth of complaints external, involving a wide range is also one of the special features.

In addition, statistics show that the complaint areas, Shandong owners up to reach as many as 35 cases, and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Sichuan are followed. Following complaints from the top ten charts the region:

Demands made from the owners point of view, the requirements of owners are basically " Service "Or" recall "the main, a small number of owners on this basis also made demands for compensation or retirement vehicles. Products if the real problems, maintenance and recall a modest request. So, order, the owner human rights activists appeal is more rational. The following causes may wish to look at what the owner of the musical styles of Shanghai GM's "high opinion."

musical styles of the engine oil revenues and oil is not falling rate Meng

Bazhong Yang, the first of the recent complaint to reflect the musical styles of automobile engine oil does not slow down and the owners received. According to him, Shanghai GM, in order to solve the traffic Extinction Problem, the computer program a promotion, leading to taxi driving in neutral gear idle high, and high idle speed, fuel consumption inevitably "gone up."

In order to verify that your guess is, many owners have made similar experiments: with block or slow down the engine under the steep slopes need to use Brake , The computer system to stop oil supply to the engine, but this time the system is still the engine oil, vehicle speed was only faster.

There is also the owner of two such experiments were done.

First test, to drive the truck to fifty yards, and then slip spare car, if the engine speed within 23 seconds back in less than normal idle speed, it would explain a problem with the car. According to many car owners to reflect their style of music more than 900 engines in the back hard to turn down when!

The second test, will be open to a steep slope in front of the car, hung empty slot, stopped, so that engine speed back to idle, and then release Brake Automatic sliding downhill so, if the rate increase with the car, the engine speed is also followed up the same car in question shows! .

As neutral gear idle when taxiing high fuel consumption also will greatly increased, which often go mountain for the owners, because many people used to use engine braking when going downhill, so when going downhill, such as This operation, the more cars but will run faster, can only deal with brakes. In addition, the city's low speed brake, if not with foot clutch, engine speed below 1000 rpm, musical styles will automatically refueling, engine speed, which will immediately rise, owners can then quickly step on the brake and clutch handle.

To the owners of the above problems and many of the evils: First, virtually an increase of fuel consumption; 2, an increase of the number of brakes, brake pads Wear and tear Speed; the three speed auto fuel will go up slightly, while the loose after the car is still fierce throttle forward, not step on the brake in time are likely to kiss someone else's "bottom", leading to potential safety problems.

For more detailed information on their owners to reflect the situation, our staff joined the musical styles of QQ Rights Group. To date, the group has increased to 188 the number of people, and the owners to exchange active.

Through the group chat, we learned that many owners of the substantial increase in vehicle fuel consumption expressed disappointment. Car owners generally reflect fuel consumption of 100 km around the 10L, and manufacturers that offer a difference of 100 km fuel consumption of 6.2L great. For music windmill, if the car's fuel consumption to reflect the many car owners around the 10L, is obviously not the individual Drive Reason, the inherent issues with the car.

From our survey, the owners believe that fuel consumption and the theory of musical styles great fuel consumption bias, is likely to solve the musical styles of Shanghai GM, a running flame and the computer program to upgrade and increase the idle due to , because there is no definite evidence of private owners, who can only guess.

In addition, there are owners before the 4S shop Reflect the situation, the person said, which trucks have similar problems, even if for a new car, but also a sample. This further confirms the fact that musical styles faulty.

As an increasing number of owners reflects a problem, this also attracted the attention of Shanghai GM, has learned that the owner side, Shanghai General Motors recently introduced solution may be.

Comments For the fast and violent collective complaints, "style oil revenue is not spin-down" of the problem is that Shanghai GM to resolve stalled while driving due to increased idle speed, there are no definitive answers. However, numerous facts have proved that, if you want to discourage car owners who doubts the truth can only be released, otherwise, the event will be intensified, and even fell climactic end, which is obviously unfavorable to Shanghai GM!

On the musical styles of complaints in-depth investigation, we found that the musical styles of the problem seems to already high fuel consumption "
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Oil Revenue Is Not Falling Rate 200 Musical Styles Encountered Complaints From Owners Of The

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