Search process of No Fee NYC Apartments for Rent

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If you able to find any No Fee NYC Apartments for rent, even though you took help from agent still you need not to pay any commission to him because the agent works for the building owner. He gets his commission form owner for bringing the tenant to his building.


Even if you want to rent a condo and you are able to find one through an agent still you no need to pay him since the agent works for the building owner. The individual unit belongs to the owner so he deals with the agent.


Some question may be popping in your head to find the difference between apartment rental buildings and individual condos. The difference is the apartment rental buildings which are also owned by some landlords but still they are just for renting purpose they cannot sell the apartments and if you rented an apartment after your lease expires you can renew your lease and you can vacate the house in your own terms. However if you rent a condo the individual unit which belong to owner, he can ask you to vacate by his terms. He can sell his house any time he wants. You cannot renew the lease you have to vacate the house if the owner asks you to vacate.


If you are renting a condo the owner will give you for specific time period. If the owner decides to sell the apartment you don't have a choice to renew the lease rather than vacating the house.  The process of renewing is also very tedious process basically it takes more than a month because the condo board is also involved in renting the building and takes time to approve the condo package deal and to proceed with this process you also need to pay an application which costs few thousand dollars and it is not refundable . So renting an apartment is better than renting a condo and it is much better if you can find a No Fee NYC Apartments for rent.




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Search process of No Fee NYC Apartments for Rent

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This article was published on 2010/11/24